Tuesday, 16 June 2015

InspectaCAR Road Trip Tips

We all love Road Trips – but we especially love them when they are safe and hassle free. Vehicle problems can quickly turn a fantastic Road trip into a living nightmare. Before you set out on the Road, we recommend that you follow these 5 easy tips. 

1.) Check tire pressure and condition. Every five pounds per square inch (psi) of tire pressure you lose can translate into a two per cent loss of gas mileage. On a long trip – This can really add up. You can usually find your recommended pressure on the inside of the driver's side door). 

 2.) Check coolant condition and level. Coolant not at the right level and condition can cause overheating and poor A/C operation. 

 3.) Top up windshield washer fluid. - Travel season is also bug season. You’ll want to keep your windshield clean so you don’t miss all those great sights along the way! 

 4.) Serpentine belt condition. If your belt breaks, you will be stranded. Look for cracks and missing belt segments. A belt's failure could mean serious damage to the engine or its systems. A cheap belt replacement can save money, headache and an expensive tow. 

 5.) Make sure your maintenance is current according to your owner’s manual, including a fluid and filter change. A dirty air filter can dramatically reduce fuel mileage. 

At InspectaCAR, we offer vehicle maintenance inspection packages (which also include items 1-4 and customizable to your vehicle) that will ensure your road trip is a success! The minimal expense will quickly pay for itself in better fuel economy and peace of mind. 

To help make your road trip more affordable, we are offering a 10% discount on any of our Maintenance packages. Just mention the 10% Summer Road Trip Special to an InspectaCAR Receptionist on arrival. Visit our Site

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