Friday, 14 October 2011

Additional Services at InspectaCAR

Two of the additional services InspectaCAR Inc. provides for its customers is Carfax's & CarProof History Reports. Both provide details of past registrations, accidents, damages, if its been stolen, etc. 

Why might you need this service? 
Buying a used vehicle can be risky and stressful. Both these services provide a good piece of mind on the vehicle and you may learn things the owner didn't even know about the vehicle. For example: You may buy a vehicle that has been in an accident,  then repaired, and wonder later why it is having problem after problem.With both these services it may  catch what you didn't and help you avoid spending more money and time then you intended on a vehicle. 

Check them out for yourself!
Then come on down & we'd be happy to make your buying or selling experience safer and easier.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Our mission is to provide our customers with unbiased, thorough vehicle inspections. This will give our customers insight into the condition of their vehicle, which will allow them to make more informed decisions. We will strive to become a trusted channel in helping people find quality used vehicles; benefiting and protecting the seller and the consumer alike. We will strive for professionalism and excellence so that our customers will look to InspectaCAR as the leader in the industry. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Who is Behind All of This?

InspectaCAR Inc.
Owners Sheldon Anderson & Cody Paxman

How InspectaCAR came about:
Throughout his career in the automotive industry, Sheldon has encountered and observed some basic reoccurring problems and concerns. 
1.        People wanting to know if the vehicle they were considering for purchase was safe and in good repair.
2.       People were worried and skeptical of mechanics and if the repairs they were being quoted were accurate.
3.       He was also concerned with the safety of vehicles and was quite alarmed with the amount of unsafe vehicles on the same roads as his wife and children.
These common problems began to formulate the idea for this business plan.  Sheldon saw a problem and decided that there must be a solution.  InspectaCAR is the solution he came up with, which he is currently operating, along with his partner Cody Paxman. 

For Full story See 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Where Can You Find Us?

Lethbridge, Alberta 
was the first home to InspectaCAR Inc in May of 2010.
We are located in the industrial area of the city, 3231 2 Ave North.

Our newest location is found in 
Calgary, Alberta
542 38A Ave SE.

Both locations are eager to serve you and help in anyway. Come down, check it out or call with any inquiries about vehicles; whether your buying, selling or just need some mechanical advice. Also, don't forget to visit our Website and print off a  
10% off coupon for your first inspection! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Vehicle Problems?

Is your vehicle making a funny noise?  Have you been given an alarming quote from your mechanic and are wondering if its accurate?  If you have any mechanical issues and are seeking a professional opinion.  We can help.  Our Certified Mechanics are here for you.  Just go to our website and click on the "Ask a Mechanic" Button.  Our mechanics are standing by to give you the best advice possible.  And the best part about it - IT's FREE!!!   
InspectaCAR homepage

Are you looking for a good used Vehicle?

Our mission is to help consumers make informed decisions on their vehicle purchases.  In order for a vehicle to qualify to be listed in our classifieds, it must be inspected.  This doesn't necessarily mean that it has passed the inspection, so when looking at the vehicle, make sure you ask to see the inspection report.  Follow this link for a complete list of pre-inspected used vehicles.  View Classified Ads