Friday, 14 October 2011

Additional Services at InspectaCAR

Two of the additional services InspectaCAR Inc. provides for its customers is Carfax's & CarProof History Reports. Both provide details of past registrations, accidents, damages, if its been stolen, etc. 

Why might you need this service? 
Buying a used vehicle can be risky and stressful. Both these services provide a good piece of mind on the vehicle and you may learn things the owner didn't even know about the vehicle. For example: You may buy a vehicle that has been in an accident,  then repaired, and wonder later why it is having problem after problem.With both these services it may  catch what you didn't and help you avoid spending more money and time then you intended on a vehicle. 

Check them out for yourself!
Then come on down & we'd be happy to make your buying or selling experience safer and easier.

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