Thursday, 7 July 2011

Who is Behind All of This?

InspectaCAR Inc.
Owners Sheldon Anderson & Cody Paxman

How InspectaCAR came about:
Throughout his career in the automotive industry, Sheldon has encountered and observed some basic reoccurring problems and concerns. 
1.        People wanting to know if the vehicle they were considering for purchase was safe and in good repair.
2.       People were worried and skeptical of mechanics and if the repairs they were being quoted were accurate.
3.       He was also concerned with the safety of vehicles and was quite alarmed with the amount of unsafe vehicles on the same roads as his wife and children.
These common problems began to formulate the idea for this business plan.  Sheldon saw a problem and decided that there must be a solution.  InspectaCAR is the solution he came up with, which he is currently operating, along with his partner Cody Paxman. 

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